Hyperbook is a Polish company producing laptops, established by passionate experts. We assemble customized laptops, what makes us different to the competition. Our products meet 100% of our customers’ demands. We listen to all of their needs in order to make them the most possibly satisfied they can be. Each order is individual and bespoke. All of it is ensured by our tool available at the webpage. Producing your portable device has never been easier. Among the variable components, there is casing, RAM, wireless network modules, graphics card, CPU. Our experts are able to increase the cooling system efficiency or put a particular background on a casing as well. Hyperbook meets the everyone’s needs. We supply gamers, photo and video editors, programmers and businessmen. All of them say the same thing: Hyperbook is an only company on a Polish market with that high level of computer personalisation.  The opinion comes also from the fact of their incredibly fast SSDs, CPUs and graphics cards. They all make our computers meet the top efficiency limits.


We are encouraging you to learn more about our offer – everyone will surely find something individually satisfying. We offer a special HyperBook Premium warranty both for business and private clients. Premium provides the lifetime technical support solving the issues without the need of leaving a household. We are also able to deliver a replacement computer if needed.

The owner:

Blue Technology Sp. z o.o.
Al. Piłsudskiego 11/3 lok 4 i 5
15-443 Białystok

NIP: 5423145352
KRS: 0000338423
REGON: 200303272
GIOŚ: E0016246WZBW
GIODO: 124516


[PLN] 23 1140 0026 0000 3066 3600 2001
[USD] 93 1140 0026 0000 3066 3600 2002 
[EUR] 66 1140 0026 0000 3066 3600 2003