Wirtualna rzeczywistość

Our history starts at the end of 2015, when VR technology was launched. We knew it has a bright future ahead. VR gives a real feeling of being moved to a different world. While wearing VR goggles, we experience a new place simulation basically with all of its attitudes. Use of additional move-tracking systems and controllers makes people move in a virtual reality and gives them an ability to interact with its objects, what makes the experiences more real and remarkable. Thanks to our long experience in organising events we provide a complex top-tier VR presentation service.

Our team of creative, passionate people explore the most astonishing and breath-taking apps presented on the events.


Looking for a unique entertainment for your guests? A fun idea, integrating your teammates in an unformal way? Need a prestigious sideshow on a tech fair dragging people to your stand? VR is more and more popular on company events, fairs, workshops and seminars. We provide a complex event management with the use of top-quality VR technology and qualified operators.

We take every case individually. We offer a wide range of games, apps, VR experience simulations. Therefore, we could plan the show in line with a main topic of an event. Our vast experience in organising shows proves we can throw a party in the exact way you want. VR events are remarkable and astonishing experience. If you look for something special – contact us.


Blue Technology Sp. z o.o. 
ul. Ostrobramska 75c / 3.84 
04-175 Warszawa

Adrian Szymański
Tel: +48 606 542 900
e-mail: info@hyperbookstudio.com

Chosen projects :

We organized a series of various, incredible events with HTC, providing our guests with great fun. Our apps made a remarkable impression during HTC Vive sets presentation. Our long-time cooperation got us an opportunity to show VR technology for a vast audience. Thanks to additional peripheries such as special Vive trackers, we could show the move-tracking VR technology and improve the shows immersion.

During the T-Mobile Kids Day party, we organised a separated VR area for a younger audience. We presented many amazing VR experiences suited to the age of guests. Children could see in person how VR is engaging due to its unique character.

Microsoft is our long-time partner. Now thanks to the VR technology and Windows Mixed Reality platform we were able to present our related games. During the event guests had loads of fun at our stands. Numerous positive opinions were received, ensured us the VR technology is getting more and more popular. Being rapidly developing, it makes us promote a future content.

Our multiplayer PVP Hyper Arena VR game was a massive sideshow presented on a big cinema screen on DevConf 2018 in Cracow. Participants could learn about our game, test their skills and get more info about the VR technology and our services. They could play a battle in our game with the use of motion-tracking system.

We threw a night party for Deloitte, celebrating a year of work of one of their teams. The event took place in a popular establishment – Browar De Brasil in Warsaw. The competition with valuable prices lasted long hours in our VR Hyper Arena game. The best scorer got street-credit from his colleagues and won the HTC Vive set.

We organised a special show for our VR FPS Regenesis Arcade for GetHero agency on MeetUp 2018 in Cracow. It contained numerous follow-ups towards the city and stands caught much attention.




Creating devoted VR apps


In the world of virtual reality, we can create basically anything. Each random event, environment and object could interact with us. Thanks to the VR technology our experienced team consisting of passionate programmers is able to create individualised VR experiences. The sky is the limit. If you want us to take your project/idea just contact us and we’ll consult the options, advise you and present our vision.

Our Portfolio

We’ve created games matching every party theme. We can adjust each to the individual purposes such as allocating a product or a brand logo.

Destroy the machines! Save the world!

Jump in the middle of the action in Regenesis Arcade, addictive VR FPS based in dystopian future world ruled by machines. Collect weapons in three categories and upgrade them to maximize your firepower. Starting with a Gravity Gun to a rocket launcher, each weapon has its pros and cons impacting your combat decisions. The battle against deadly machines won’t be easy. Coming from each side enemies may appear in the air or crawl. You’ll need a different tactic for each.

In Regenesis Arcade the battle is set on 8 maps, you’ll travel through a futuristic city, forests and post-nuclear wasteland. Each location has different weather conditions including a blizzard! Feel a spirit of ARCADE competition and fight for the best global score!

Hyper Arena VR is an extremely dynamic multiplayer game and a real milestone in VR games industry. It combines sport and e-sport with an attention to reflexes, intelligence, and physical fitness! Two players compete in real time, battling on a virtual arena with use of special discuses. The goal is to shoot your enemy and get points. The match lasts 3 rounds, the player who scores more points wins. The game requires physical activity and quick reaction for an attack. Gameplay gives many emotions, burns calories and delivers lots of fun for all of the players (score tournament mode possible)

To enrich the gameplay, the player is able to use additional skills such as shield, shock grenade or power ball in order to surprise his opponent or defend effectively. Due to the wide range of attack options, a flexible strategy might be essential.

Hyper Arena VR uses move-tracking system thanks to special HTC trackers located on different parts of a player’s body. It gives an ability to control the virtual profile and improves the immersion. By using an observer mode, you could follow the best gameplay captures and present them to the audience on an external screen, TV or projector. Take quick, strategic decisions in a real time. Use the arenas walls to bounce a disk! Do your best and BEAT YOUR OPPONENT


Hyper Arena VR is the new definition of eSport!